Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lifestyle On The Net Related With Women Personality Stress Lifestyle On The Net
What Lifestyle On The Net? Stress. If you dig a little more "to the true origin of most problems we must resolve to meet the following lifestyle - as procrastination, anxiety, weight gain benefits etc. - is usually stress like on the net.

Obtained by Stephanie McClellan, MD, and Beth Hamilton, MD, author of Stress, Ultimate Stress Relief Plan for Women for more information about what is perhaps the biggest problem in our lives. We face a new stress-related theme each week in January, so keep checking the latest information.

We begin with a brief presentation on stress. Hamilton and McClellan said that, strangely enough, not all bad. "Stress is survival - the brains body that something is wrong, which is threatened," he said.

But the term is what counts. In the short term, good stress, because it makes your mind can be too much attention. When the pressure on the body returns to normal and be able to recover and restore. The bad news comes to mind when you are in a constant state of stress, all the energy the body uses to fight against the threats of the sleeping position. Normal functions of the body is not enough attention, you will be faced with some unpleasant side effects. The key is balance, according to Hamilton and McClellan. "It is good to wake up for a while, but not for 24 hours a day."

Hamilton, McClellan came with beautiful and catchy names - larks and owls - the answer to categorize people based on the natural peaks and troughs of cortisol (aka the stress hormone). They say they are prepared for both, but there are ways to help your return to balance. Alouettes lead experience and considerable reduction of cortisol, which is increased by AM, which means that you alert and awake in the morning. Wake up ready to go, and we go to bed early. Owls have the level of cortisol, which increases gradually, more like a top of the mountain and valleys. Who can make all the sleepless nights, and press the stop button this morning.

The focus Hoot "Owl" personalities tend to all night. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Who knew that stress is available in many variations, during the extensive search capabilities, Hamilton and McClellan are identified and named four different types. Even if you say that your response to stress is the type of construction in the physiology, genetics and habits (not smoking, exercising, eating healthy food, etc?) Playing an important role, and the fact that you can react in different ways in different circumstances.

We generalize: What type are you here?

Hyper Type S
You are the embodiment of the phrase "fight or flight". Your body will experience a significant increase in cortisol, which means that you are good at doing things, but also can make you nervous, anxious and forgetful. Add insomnia and the fact that cortisol can be done with weight gain in the abdomen, and have the picture.

Hypo Type S
You are restless and tired and your body just hurts all the time. Low levels of cortisol can lead to a mess-up immune problems like allergies, asthma, eczema and chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, if something stressful happens, the more you desire to hide under the covers until they disappear.

P Hypo Type
This species is very rare, but goes further. Low levels of cortisol to a serious imbalance in your body, making you feel independent and powerless and passive in the face of something difficult. You can not express their feelings, and that's all blah, dull and gray.

Hyper Type P
We go for the accident. Cortisol causes stress, which a great multitasking Achiever and a high level, but it also means that you tend to collapse when the stressful situation is over (like a weekend on the couch, not talking everyone a design project is completed). This type is very common in women, and has side effects, such as irritable bowel syndrome and premenstrual syndrome.

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