Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobile Pack plugin for WordPress

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Mobile Pack plugin for WordPress is for those of you who do not walk through the blog or Handphones, smartphone, and HP, of course, lazy, when a blog or a site that is too hard to find accessible through HP. Also, if you regularly pulse volume and pulse-base basis. That you will remove the costs will increase.

Therefore, for those of you who blog platform WordPress, you can use the Mobile Pack plugin for WordPress makes it easy for visitors using HP-browser to visit your blog. This plugin can be found for free here, because in the site, this plugin is not there. For the download link, wordpress plugins here wordpress mobile pack. Method of installation is very simple.

Once the file-to-mobile pack.tar.gz WordPress in cPanel upload, extract the file. After that, change the folder wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/plugins/wpmp_transcoder chmod 777. It is also necessary for the chmod wp-content/themes / a 777 change. Then, you can set the WordPress Mobile plugin via the dashboard, plugin, wordpress installation pack furniture.
Once activated, you can make appointments. You can make changes at will. You can also widgets that are installed in the sidebar of your blog on your mobile blog. Amount to your liking.

You can also specify that the articles appear. It is only the title, or title along with some of the content Artike in the first paragraph. You can also theme your mobile. Theme provided very varied. Then the visitors are not bored with the standard view of the package of wordpress mobile.

In addition, visitors will also be more convenient, since access to the blog, you can easily say, even if light and accessible via mobile phones. Therefore there is nothing wrong if we are based on the blog uses WordPress plugin for easy access by visitors to our blog.

Because not all visitors to our blog using a computer, laptop or notebook to visit our blog. Furthermore, not all our blog visitors use high speed internet access for lifestyle on the net. Many who use the GPRS access point to access our blog.

One of the advantages of mobile wordpress widget pack that is provided for those affiliate links in the sidebar, you can blog your mobile. Are you interested in changing the look of your blog more easily accessible by phone of the visitor, if you still want the default look of your blog to maintain?