Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Net Google Smashing Security

Google StyleGoogle this week surprised the public free of charge, a network in China, or institutions not mentioned the attack, is responsible for the attack.
Google Blog has announced its decision, and the company's research showed, Inter-Net, Lifestyle, finance, technology, media and chemical fields, including at least 20 large companies and for the same purpose.
VeriSign, which had more than 30 companies, many high-high-tech companies in Silicon Valley is in California, said he believed that affected the Department of Defense contractors such as increasing.

Google's approach is now certain that fail to control access Gmail with your account, is a popular e-mail services that enhance the Security infrastructure.

"Google is in mid-December. The news that the malicious code in the system, Google, and to identify the code to the server again, the battle system, the other 33 companies," confirmed that no commitment iDenfense were identified.

They are at risk "is, at this time, any confidential information - customers, employees, and to display data sensitive financial and other constraints, including lack of evidence -" Adobe said in a task. "We hope to have time to investigate."

Yesterday, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton s, Google will be announced in a statement:

"We are Google has serious concerns and questions have been notified about these allegations. We find the explanation to the Chinese government. To operate confidently in cyberspace capability, economy and society is important. I will discuss next week the center of the 21st century, the freedom on the Internet, we have clearly observed by the facts. "