Sunday, June 6, 2010

Indonesia Handicraft and Adventures Opportunities

Indonesia furniture handicraft like Jepara teak is one of the best handicraft furniture in Indonesia marketplace, other than Jepara Indonesia also has Bali qualified as a sculptor. In addition to these two regions Indonesia is also actually has a lot of areas that have the potential to produce handicrafts such as Kasongan-Yogyakarta area where many farmers in that region in a small statues made of clay, formed manually and was done with a little touch of modern technology. However, due to lack of online business promotion was widely known then the other areas that do not become less ogled investor investors. 

Indonesia has so many resources that can be a good place for investment, in addition to the natural resources of its human resources are also very supportive of it than it will not hurt if there are outside investors who intend to invest in Indonesia. In addition to resource-rich Indonesia is also a beautiful area for tourism purposes, because there are so many of Indonesia's natural wealth is natural. Islands in Indonesia besides Bali is also very much so travel in Indonesia is not only Bali. Nature tourism is still an attractive option to calm down and mind from the routine work so that it will refresh the mind and makes the brain become fresh again.
Indonesian coast extend the beauty of the sea and unspoiled reefs, mountains and hills are still many that have not been touched, although there are some that have been stolen by a thief:-D but this should not diminish the quality destination for travel tourism.
However, one thing should be noted if the natural attractions in Indonesia, because of the limitations of modern infrastructure is possible for those of you who are familiar, luxury tour will be disturbed, but if you are adventurous, Indonesia became a good option to raise your adrenaline.