Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lifestyle Update The Product Label For Marketing

lifestyle marketing
Update label for a product is a lifestyle marketing strategy to anticipate product manipulation by other, anticipating the sale of counterfeit products is a way to always update the product label each one month, three bull, 6 months and 1 year, and thus will always be a new product label. Currently we are witnessing a lot of product label owned by a particular company has never changed from the past at the marketplace, this was to enable customers in the recall of products that are owned but that do need to do is change the total bukan trade mark owned product but only change the variations of the product label. Why is this necessary?
Forgery of a product due to lack of creativity of the owner of the product to protect and anticipate the various, this approach as a man who has the name of a domain A afterwards where someone else has a similar domain name A so-called B and sell the products offered, so nearly the same for customers will expect the same product A with product B, this is usually called the name typo or fraudulent use similar names.  

Therefore the marketing strategy is very important to always update and analyze the similarities product counterfeiting and counterfeit products owned, so it does not damage the image of the original product. Do you already owned by varying the product label, so it is always updated with retaining characteristic of a trade mark owned?