Sunday, April 15, 2012

Will Google Glass Project Became Favorite Gadget?

Lifestyle is currently equipped with a project of google that known as google glass project. The presence of glass google is very interesting, because it is inconceivable how a technology is able to present such a future film.

Google Introduces Glass Project. Imagine google glass became a best gadget when it feels like a dream come true. Its presence can provide a sense of awe at the presence of high technology for a simple gadget.

Google Glass Project is a project of the glass Google that will be a reality. You wear glasses and you can do whatever you can do your Smartphone today. Activities like to check schedules, phone, video call, camera, check in, or a status update directly through these glasses?
Well how do I give the command? course uses the natural language alias you just say what you want, check in, listen to the songs and so on.

Google has not revealed the technology behind this project, but from the demo video, Google most likely to use Android, Google +, Google maps and a wide range of technologies that "you can use". You can see the view from the menu that appears on your glasses like the screenshot above? Want to see the demo? check the video below.

Rumors, Google's glass will be released this year. My own estimate this product will be officially introduced by Google at 2013.