Friday, December 25, 2009

Bring Different Christmas Atmosphere

What are you doing this year a Christmas Day? Was waiting for santa clause to come or you spend time with your family? To be sure this Christmas will be different from you through the year before, where you hope this Christmas brings goodness and blessings.

Many Christmas gift given by the mother and father, do you ever remember and appreciate the gift from your mom and dad? Or maybe because so many gifts you get so you do not remember at all the gifts you receive. Therefore, Christmas Day this time give a different atmosphere for your parents. Respect the efforts they do to care for and raise us so that we can be like this now. Give the best gift you can give, make them happy to be your parents.

But one thing also to remember, not everyone celebrates Christmas with joy. What about those who are poor? who do not have parents and families? Therefore, do not forget them, because the happiness we feel obliged to also they feel, so they do not feel alienated people in the joy of Christmas atmosphere.

I hope this year brings Christmas going to a better direction for you all.