Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple SEO For Blogger

Most of blogger find SEO Tools or SEO techniques for their blog or site. Like SEO for Lifestyle On The Net.

Why we must pay our money for SEO if we can get more SEO technique or SEO tool with free.

This is simpe basic for SEO technique.
1. Use unique post or content.
Unique post not as same as with original post, so if you find some articles most interesting you can rewrite its with your style. Make it more different from original.

2. How often your post frequently
It is not important how length of each post, but ensure to post at least 1 content a day.

3. Maximum blog feature
There are tons of blog features, its depend on your self to optimize, example : use categories function for help reader navigate to find information.
It is not big SEO tool, but like most people say, this is not about great tool but a man behind the tool.

4. Linking Strategic Style
Increase your network strategic with others by link them as resources in relevant articles.

5. Using images in every post
Images can help support traffic for your blog but remember don't use copyright images.
Although can support your traffic but images can decrease your blog loading, so thinking how to use thumbnail for blog images.

This tip is just for Basic SEO, if you're EXPERT SEO don't read this.