Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SEO On The Net Follow Seo Contest Dis and Advantages

Astaga!com Lifestyle on the net Online SEO
Seo on the Net advantages and disadvantages of what is obtained when following a seo contest like Lifestyle on the Net seo contest. In my opinion seo contest more personal benefits than disadvantages.

Seo contest benefits such as lifestyle on the net some of them are as follows:

1. Increasing knowledge about the world of seo contest on the internet.
2. Participants learn to understand the characteristics of seo contest on the internet.
3. Adding reference seo techniques that can be applied to a website.
4. Seo studied indirectly through the master seo participating.
5. If a winner then it is definitely financial benefits obtained.

Well, if there are profits there will be losses in participating in the contest lifestyle on the net seo lifestyle include the following:

1. Time, thought, energy, and health.
2. Seo makes us drained of energy just to catch the most of seo optimization.
3. The number of spam to obscure the main keyword.
4. Lifestyle changed drastically, from morning until the morning just talking the latest seo techniques that can be applied in seo contest so as not to violate the rules set by the contest organizers seo like astaga lifestyle on the net seo.
5. More diligent dismantle the old archive articles to learn again and again.

Well, after the seo advantages and disadvantages so there must be some lifestyle tips and tricks seo contest on the net which I will try to describe in the next blog posting. :-D


SEO Melbourne said...

I couldn't agree more - I have hired 4 SEOs over the last few months and interviewed around 30. I've been shocked at the number of otherwise good applicants who were convinced that link exchanges were still the number 1 SEO tactic.

Jang Rahmat said...

Yup,you're right.. link exchange is good another seo tactic, but not number 1 SEO tactic, IMHO. Link exchange just great for seo contest that needed fast build with short time.

seo package said...

in most things there always pro's and con's..we should consider it and the basics before proceeding in more tougher work.

best seo said...

I think you highlight something that’s indicitive across the web… people think if they create a website with good content and simply publish it without giving any thought to SEO, Google and Bing will reward them just for having good content.