Friday, January 22, 2010

SEO Style not for Spam Style

SEO Style is a style  not lifestyle of someone who is optimizing search engines from the point of view, such as contests seo Astaga! Lifestyle on the Net simple blog lifestyle on seo contest by portal astaga .com with keyword point lifestyle on the Net.
SEO style of each individual is different, depending on the point of view of solving problems to compete in search engines, a real seo spam will not use autoblog for a search engine optimization so successful in the search for various keywords.

Simply seo lifestyle is how we modify the template so that the maximum in the position in the eyes of search engines. SEO is not exactly hard, but not pretty much easy hard, play seo's art, we are required to learn to understand karakater from a search engine. Just like when we approached a girl want to be our girlfriend, hehehe

In the online seo no reference to this standard so, all just depends on the creativity of solving problems, simplify? SEO experts said, not including me, i'm just newbie on the seo world :-D
Style Seo lifestyle phenomenon on the net today that i see more focus on using the plugins, but plugins seo anything as sophisticated if not supported the ability to use it, it's will not be optimally utilized, like the man behind the gun.

Lifestyle on spam autoblog more dependent on the use of additional plugins, so that as much as anything made autoblog still be detected, but there is an auto blog when I noticed a competent administrator and a good blog management still able to survive and have more the visitor.
Now, we are including what's the type? Does seo style or spam for astaga! Lifestyle on the net.

Come together to learn seo, especially to seo masters, give me more tips and tricks to learn seo Lifestyle on the net, because i'm just newbie in the seo world.