Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jolicloud Original Cloud-Based OS

Jolicloud is very original cloud-based operating system with a new architecture of Web applications, chromium promised this month. The operating system, the company now, 600 + Web applications and surf at high speed and support HTML5, shows the official blog. Chrome changes the back-end platform is Mozilla Prism, the future of Google, more so, Google Chrome will launch soon a lot of interesting line of operating systems, a group of trailers.

In a personal Jolicloud in your favor. How Google Chrome OS on the project as open source, which created the Google Web OS, but the benefits Jolicloud ... Well ... not Google. Right or wrong, some of them may be wary of Internet giants, such as delay, other companies, such as larger than life in the past, in particular, Microsoft and IBM. For these people, form Jolicloud seem netbook on Cloud Computing in full, and do not use Google brand. 

But the real success will Jolicloud "catch" the feeling like this - depends on the company partners with equipment manufacturers. Invitations may be, but nothing officially announced. Ultimately, consumers, the cost netbooks Jolicloud with - or netbooks Google Chrome OS-based act on this issue. But if companies start their bids for the equipment available for sale, there is no way of knowing how good or bad, or even voice.

Download Jolicloud here : Jolicloud OS (for netbook)