Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Windows 8 Rumored Online Lifestyle Marketing

Last micro soft windows will Online is Windows 8, rumored at Lifestyle market online be hot topic like world cup 2010. Microsoft  recently document describe Windows 8, seems to indicate feature an app store, faster resumes from low-power states, a faster startup, usb 3.0 and bluetooth 3.0 support, integrated web applications and improved digital media support (including avc hd and 3d video) that will compete with linux.

Windows 8 is the last technology from history of microsoft windows that will online at your pc and notebook, there're no special from windows that will make me love windows again, different like i love Indonesia. Linux more better if you're compare from any windows version, so why we must over respond for this online lifestyle rumor, i think this rumor just a marketing strategy to boost sales microsoft product that have history from ms-dos, windows 3.0, windows 95, windows 98, 2000, windows me, xp, vista, seven (7), and rumored at online is Windows 8 that will be a marketing launch. :-D