Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Create Partition In Your Mini Netbooks Easy

Create a partition on mini netbooks were not the same as creating a partition on a notebook or laptop as usual like acer or hp mini, this is when aksesanda trying to creating partitions mini netbook has a boyfriend. First think it is easy to use tools like Partition Magic, click click and clear, but it turned out to be wrong.

How can i make a partition on the original Mini netbook to be done with a tool called : EASEUS Partition Master, first step to do is download a small program on that partition:
then install it on your mini netbooks, the next step like using Partition Magic, click the partition size choice your size and create, after that create new partition on allocated space partition and browsing internet. Good Luck.

warning : becarefully with your harddisk, before you doing this job,  ask other people that knowing about it or follow read installation doc first.