Sunday, January 30, 2011

Google Engineers Versus AGC Algorithm

Google and web spam issues with the Auto Generated Content (AGC) is actually a classic problem that always complain about the person or the information search in google search engine. When you type something then the search results much manipulated by the AGC, so the expected result is never obtained.

For those who do not know what it is AGC please find an article on internet online with google, because a lot of explanation about the AGC so that there are pros and cons.

The latest news is the google search engine algorithms have changed to reduce the error in the search for online information in the Internet world, as explained Matt Cutts on his personal website is: Algorithm Change Launched and read this at official google blog.

AGC Spam is very difficult to detect by the google bot, especially if the AGC site's webmaster is familiar with how the character or nature of the google search engine bot, even though the google bot to use his instincts to record where the first website to post an article but it can be tricked by manipulating dates posts and rewrite the content, so much software and content rewriter popping robot so that a search on the internet was filled with repetitive content.

So, let's see how the google engineers solve the problem of integrated AGC so that the google search engine can reach 90% valid (very difficult to up to 100% valid) because right now I just see the level of validity of a search on google only around 60% - 65% valid while others only 20% -40% valid. (Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition )