Monday, February 7, 2011

Create Text Image Beautiful

Do you like the logo image above? how to make it, whether with a variety of photo processing software, the answer is of course not because the logo image above only be made with a few mouse clicks and you certainly will never be confused with the combination of beautiful colors. How come?

To create an image of the logo, banner or text-shaped 3-dimensional digital printing is easy enough:
First, open the site
second, determine the choice of a text generator, color, shape, font and font size that will be used.
Third, click the Inspect button effect to see the results.
Fourth, after the show do not use "save image as " to save the result but select Copy and then paste the image into GIMP, Photoshop or other photo processing software and then you save in desired format.

Have fun lifestyle to be a online designer, logo and banner.


picturetopeople said...

That's really amazing !!!

I can't believe such a impressive tool is online for free.

Thanks for sharing.