Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Same Earth 2050 Outcomes

Earth in 2050 is still the same, differing only in the population according to U.S. science conference last week, predicted in 2050 later, the world was unrecognizable.

Exaggerated fears will lead to the view and the resulting decision is not accurate, this can be seen from the results of the conference even though many experts gathered but we think that is not an expert then the population will never change the face of the world, and people will never lack food , why?

Have the experts and research think why the ancient creatures that evolved in the world has a giant and very large size when compared to the present, everything that was created by the Almighty, then the result will also be very perfect.

The experts and the man was just researching on the basis of statistical data and marks what is seen and heard, if you want the results more valid then we should try to examine by entering the factor x, where x is an important determinant factor of outcome.

So the lack relevanan to suppress the population rather than on natural resources, but we need more emphasis on how to best utilize natural resources. Do you think the world's population will lack food at 2050? (smile)