Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Observations Google Algorithm Rank Factors

Google algorithm update in 2011 to more and make many content farmers scrambling to find a content solution for the panda algorithm changes. Many large sites into deindex and was thrown from the SERP do not care about the manual and the auto blog but not the least the sites or blogs have become used to rising position in the SERP google search.

This new algorithm is expected by the google will help searchers who use google as a search engine to obtain information that is valid and accurate, but is it true the new algorithm gives priority to authority sites or blog?

Our observations during the year 2011 this had indeed been many changes in the google search engine, especially the speed index on the website or blog that has a pure and good content that benefits the reader, but the content has not become pure and good quality guarantee your site will be ranked first in the search google search engine, because it seems there are several other supporting factors that we noticed and taken into account in determining the google search rankings.

In addition to content google backlinks are also starting to notice that is used or provided on a site, which links the wheel is a new algorithm approach to google this. So to conquer the google search engine today many large websites or bloggers who are trying to find a gap that can be harnessed to become number 1 on google, one of which is utilizing the writer to provide quality and useful articles like PRL.