Monday, December 21, 2009

Koi Have Beauty And Elegance Style Like Arwana Style

Koi fish is a distinct pleasure. This is help the green lifestyle like astaga lifestyle on the net. The beauty and elegance style make her eyes look at home and makes the mind becomes calm. Especially during feeding, Koi-Koi will approach us with enthusiasm. In fact, we could feed the Koi with a direct hand. Mouths of Koi fish that touch our hands to give the sensation of its own, we can even stroked his head. Because fish including Koi fish, which can recognize its owner.

Ideally for enlargement Koi pond has a depth of about 2 meters. But for the home, given the condition of homes and land area, Koi pond has my home only 2.5 times the size of 1 meter with a water depth of about 40 cm. Indeed Koi growth is slow, but it is not a problem which means

Koi ponds are overgrown with moss is a good pool, provided the water remains clear (green algae floating / floating in the water causing cloudy water is not good, this usually happens when the pool of water mixed with rain.

Moss moss should be a genuine (against the wall). Moss is a natural food from Koi and many contain spirinula serving to make the color of the fish became increasingly clear / sunny. In addition to the backgroun moss (black / dark green) then the Koi fish actually granted will kelilhatan more beautiful.