Saturday, January 23, 2010

Astaga! Nmap release Nmap 5.20 stable

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Astaga! Nmap release Nmap 5.20 stable since 5.00 there are More than 150 improvements looks significant, that includes :

 o Add new 30+ Nmap Scripting Engine scripts
 o Reduced consumption of memory and performance enhances.
 o More effectie UDP scanning by protocol-specific payloads
 o Traceroute engine a completely rewritten
 o Massive OS and version detection DB updates (10,000+ signatures)

Trace consolidation is more sophisticated, allowing common traces to be identified sooner and fewer probes to be sent, after performing or loading a scan, you can now filter results to just the hosts you are interested in by pressing Ctrl+L (or the "Filter Hosts" button) to open the host filtering interface. This makes it easy to select just Linux hosts, or those running a certain version of Apache, or whatever interests you like easily modify the filter or remove it to see the whole scan security again.

The ports and payloads are defined in The ports that have a payload are 7 (echo),53 (domain), 111 (rpcbind), 123 (ntp), 137 (netbios-ns), 161 (snmp), 177 (xdmcp), 500 (isakmp), 520 (route), 1645 and 1812 (radius), 2049 (nfs), 5353 (zeroconf), and 10080 (amanda).

Nmap submitted integrated 1,349 fingerprints (and 81 corrections), more than a thousand signatures were added, bringing the total to 8,501. SMBv2 has already suffered from at least one major security vulnerability.
Source of Nmap  tar ball (and RPMs) translations (16 languages so far) including, but however Nmap default is english.

If you like this smart security software packages for Linux, Mac, and Windows are available download the Nmap 5.00 source code at the usual place: Nmap - Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Security