Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gaza Was Destroyed But Who Cared

Gaza Destroyed - Israel made a small name shriveled balls american:-D Weird screaming while democracy and human rights issues as well as war crimes against other countries but against israel, PBB can only talk. It is time the world united to help Gaza communities who have been colonized by Israel, do not care reason large states are one-sided act, if this rate when it will create a peaceful world that always echoed and promoted by the state heralding major purported defenders 
(May be HAMburger .. hehehe).

Gaza was destroyed but who cared, so I do not see any of the major powers who dared to israel, where humanitarian aid is lost somehow, million's human that deliberately miserable waiting for a helping hand, let's unite the whole world, the established truths in the world so as to create a new world a dynamic and harmonious, really simple wish.

We're not hate a people but we hate the injustice and immoral crimes, do not blame if one day the Palestinian revolt and managed to destroy the Israeli crimes because only a small ant can defeat an elephant. :-D 

Hopefully Successful People 'of Gaza, our Du'a with you all the people of Gaza.