Friday, December 25, 2009

Security in Mobile Phone With Without Operating System

Lifestyle Mobile Online System
Industrial development Cell Phone and Smart Phone so rapidly for Lifestyle, something that previously could not be predicted! when technology began to master the human civilization. Beginning in the mainland United States (U.S.), more widespread throughout the world. At first cell phone only used for voice, up until now use a multifunction Cell Phone.

In Indonesia, cell phone already beginning to be used as a tool many transactions with ease, as long as you are in the 'coverage area' then you are certain easily take advantage of cell phone in the transaction.

Some facilities utilize cell phone:

* BCA with m-BCA and sms.
* BNI also issued a similar facility in Mobile and sms banking and many other similar products.

But do you know that technology lifestyle, like a PC, cell phone security system also has weaknesses. Cell Phone that means you also must be equipped with a protection system that is safe for use.

Some related threat to the cell phone:

1. Bluetooth
Very risky to let Bluetooth active (enable) in unused condition. By default security password is used only 4 digits and very weak. Media Bluetooth also been reported vulnerable to attack cabir worn. For each user's Bluetooth, it is advisable to use a secure password security, and membiasajan to immediately turn off your bluetooth after use.

2. Malicious Software
Malicious software was designed to spread malicious code from one node to another node. Smart Phone Technology now includes the ability to recognize the wireless network installed on a laptop or other mobile devices. For laptop users are advised to always enable the firewall and IPS to prevent malicious connection that can damage your data.

3. Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging-based attacks are attacks that are recognized type of IM attacks Phone. The longer the duration of the user connected to the IM using the Smart phone will automatically increase the risk of attack exploits Mobile IM.

4. Attachments
As with the PC, the virus also spread through file attachments. The question was whether the Cell Phone or Smart Phone you are already equipped Antivirus, if it is, how effective?

5. Spyware
As with viruses, Spyware can also easily attack the cell phone or smart phone. Roughly the same question, whether the cell phone or smart phone you already have a protection against Spyware?

Some weaknesses of the above may be a new part, which must surely be to force new ideas and technologies become increasingly developed for Style like SEO lifestyle