Friday, January 29, 2010

Lifestyle On SEO Blog Contest Event

SEO Lifestyle Internet Online
Lifestyle blog on SEO blog contest on the net to continue the previous post about the contest Seo lifestyle on the net, tips and tricks are only personal analysis of seeing the current seo contest.

Tips and tricks the analysis is not from a professional blogger, but if useful, please use, but if not consider it useful to add references to seo blog postings only. Without strings attached again let's look at some tricks and tips on seo contest, even though this blog is not included in the 10 major lifestyle contest on the net:-D

Tips and tricks blog seo to join a seo contest on the internet, is as follows:

On 1. Choose a good template design.
Template first place because at the time of the contest we have to use a template, note the template structure used. Is in accordance with the rule structure of x/html to correct what is not like the right position for H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

On 2. Action to build backlinks as much as possible, and minimum quality PR 2.
Backlink affects the strength ranking position in the rankings seo contest.

On 3. Create a unique article postings.
Articles keywords unique building as much as possible, on with unique articles is expected to increase to strengthen vocabulary main seo keywords.

On 4. Form of a small group to support your contest blog articles, do analysis, research and study and carefully from the autoblog or spam blogs.

On 5. Keep praying, because there will be no new knowledge without the permission of the Creator.

Well, that's simple tips for beginner bloggers seo contest, seo contest like lifestyle on the net, if anyone would complement welcome, because there are no perfect human beings.


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Jang Rahmat said...

thx for info ^_^

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